12 Affirmations for Darker Days

12 Affirmations for Darker Days


If you're missing the sun during the dark days of winter, try these affirmations to brighten up.

As the world rotates on its axis it can feel awfully dark for those who don’t rest close to the equator. At times the absence of sunshine can leave you feeling grey on the inside. Let's imagine you are in charge of tending to the fire. So stoke those coals and add some kindling with these affirmations. Before you know it you will once again illuminate your inner glow. As you get started take a few deeper breaths drawing in longer inhales.

  1. My inner flame is bright and alive
  2. I ignite my soul by doing things that I love
  3. I choose to say yes to my passions
  4. My heart is luminous
  5. I move forward with purpose and brilliance
  6. My personality dazzles gleefully
  7. I feel gleamingly joyful
  8. My truest essence is vibrantly awake
  9. Sharing laughter keeps my heart bright
  10. My life is radiant with blessings
  11. I am abundant
  12. I celebrate the overflowing well of energy

Let these words settle into your bones and warm you from the inside out.

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