Next Level Lattes to Nurture Your Spirit

Next Level Lattes to Nurture Your Spirit


Take a dive into the wonderful world of superfoods, crystals, or both with these delicious- and beautiful- beverages.

As the cold weather settles in, so does the craving for a warm cup of something to wrap our hands around, bringing a sense of peace and comfort. Childhood memories may stimulate cravings for sugary hot chocolate with whipped cream. Modern versions of this childhood treat offer health benefits without the sugar crash.

The Rose Quartz Latte is a rich and satisfying coconut milk-based beverage, tinted pink by beet juice, and infused with both rose water and rose petals. “This delicate and soothing latte is purifying and opens the heart chakra, bringing about calming and peaceful frequencies”, and is found in the pages of Radiant: The Cookbook, by Mafalda Pinto Leite. Leite, a chef inspired by the principles of Ayurveda, believes that “food is our most powerful ally for aging gracefully." She explores the world of unusual superfoods such as chaga, (a wild mushroom that has been shown to protect against cell damage), and lucuma, (a powerful Peruvian fruit with potent anti-inflammatory properties), and offers fresh and delightful ways to prepare them in our meals.

The Amethyst-Dusted Geode Latte combines maca, an adaptogen, with Amethyst gem elixir to create a colorful and potent sip of goodness. Crystal RX author Colleen McCann explains that this beverage “stimulates the Third Eye and Crown Chakras and enhances cognitive perception, while heightening your imagination and intuition, and strengthening your emotional field.” Her book, which includes the recipe, is a crystal guidebook that explains what each crystal is used for, along with rituals to maximize their effect. The Amethyst-Dusted Geode Latte was created by Madeleine Murphy, who is the co-owner of The End Booking cafe.

Take a dive into the wonderful world of superfoods, crystals, or both with these delicious—and beautiful—beverages.

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