A Personalized Wellness Experience

A Personalized Wellness Experience

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Finding the time, money, and resources to exercise can be challenging for the average person, especially for those who lack experience or knowledge in the field. Many of us juggle long work hours, running a household, and other responsibilities that leave little time to take care of ourselves. Lorna Borenstein created Grokker, an online community for wellness, to provide individuals who are scattered among the spectrum of health and wellness experience with the resources to maintain physical health while balancing the mind and the body, all in the comfort of your own home.

What is it?

Grokker is an online health resource with the goal of helping individuals, whether beginners or experts, to grow in knowledge or experience in yoga, meditation, fitness, or nutrition. Within each one of these categories exists videos constructed by professionals that cover a multitude of topics available to stream by all Grokker subscribers. Videos range in length and intensity with additional modifications to ensure that any individual exploring the website will find exactly what he or she is looking for. Along with videos, Grokker offers other helpful resources such as personalized calendars, nutritional guidance, discussion forums, educational articles, a help center, and much more. On the go and didn’t get your work out in? Grokker can also be streamed on mobile devices.

Does it work?

In terms of serving as a platform where individuals can go to find an abundance of resources about health, wellness, fitness, yoga, meditation, and nutrition, Grokker is successful. Although the amount of information and amenities provided by Grokker can be a bit overwhelming, the hundreds of options are helpful in allowing individuals to find videos and information that are custom to his or her knowledge and experience level about various health topics.

Final Thought

Overall, if you find yourself too busy or uncomfortable to join a gym, if you want to discover new healthy recipes, or if you want to experience ten minutes of relaxation through a guided meditation, then Grokker is the place for you.

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