Organic Green Tea Purity

Organic Green Tea Purity

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Superbly delicious organic green tea for focus, to soothe, and invigorate.

Uji Japan’s 1,200 years of green tea expertise is at the center of Japan's finest green tea growing area. Uji teas are well known to tea aficionados for rich, smooth taste and efficacy. Jade, rolling fields of the area produce Uji cha (tea). Mineral rich volcanic soil and hillside shade are ideal for the evergreen tea bush. Uji River morning mists moisten the leaves and help to mitigate the direct sunshine as well.

Eight Eden Green Teas are from the decades organic, centuries old Nagata family green tea co-op in Uji. They have been using organic methods exclusively for 50 years now. Far from main roads on hills overlooking the Uji River, their more irregular rows of bushes stand out amongst machine managed plantations. Remarkably better tasting, pure tea is the result. Healthy organic soil, happy plants, hand harvesting, and thorough skill in growing and handling tea results in exceptionally delicious, uplifting green tea that we are honored to have access to.

True tea stems from the plant, Camellia cinensis. Tea remains green or becomes black, oolong, or jasmine, solely in how it is handled and cured. Immediately after tea leaves are picked, they begin to oxidize. For black tea, oolong, and other “fermented” teas the leaves are allowed to oxidize thoroughly. Fermentation is a misnomer as they are not fermented, just oxidized. For Japanese green tea, like organic Eden Sencha, oxidation is stopped immediately after harvest by steaming and rubbing the leaves. This preserves the bright green chlorophyll and antioxidant nutrients such as flavonoids, tannins, and epigallocatechins (EGCG) that enhance the taste and benefits of these pure green teas. Green tea antioxidants, collectively referred to as catechins, account for 40% of green tea’s dry weight. As a group, these antioxidants provide the many benefits of green tea.

Eden Organic Matcha is the highest grade powdered organic green that is produced in Japan. It is appreciated as a refreshment, for imparting mental acuity, and well-being benefits. Hand-harvested in April, the Camellia sinensis leaf embodies a blend of tradition and meticulous organic farming practices. After drying and aging, it is slowly milled on small granite stone mills to make matcha with exceptional taste and efficacy for whisking. Offered in 30 gram hermetically sealed tins with an oxygen-absorbing antioxidant protector, this best protects its vital value while ensuring maximum levels of potent antioxidants. It is refreshing tea that rejuvenates, stimulates mental clarity, and cleanses.

Drinking green tea with a slice or squeeze of citrus enhances antioxidant uptake by making them more bioavailable. L-theanine, a nonessential amino acid of green tea, is largely responsible for its taste. It enhances learning ability, induces relaxation, and provides a smooth, steady lift.

Take a moment for Eden Green Tea, whether by yourself or shared with others. It fosters well-being, communication, mental sharpness, stress reduction, instills a calm, and promotes an attentive state of mind. Green Tea tends to hold us to the present, steering us away from past concerns and future worries. When Green Tea is part of one’s routine, quality of life and well-being are improved.

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