Wanda Bogacka-Plucinski

Wanda was born in Poland in 1971 and is currently based out of the Princeton, New Jersey area.

She’s been married to Piotr (Peter) for over 28 years and has a 27 year old daughter, who also happens to be a yogi and a certified yoga teacher.

Back in the 80’s, her and her family fled communist Poland via Germany and after spending time in a refugee camp in Austria immigrated to the United States.

Wanda has been a vegan for 15 years and a yoga practitioner close to two decades. She’s a yoga photographer and has a rather unconventional experience. She’s worked in the travel industry, focusing on wellness travel, for over 25 years and doing photography as a hobby. But since COVID, her travel job had literally vanished overnight. So, this allowed her to not only rely on her skills and passion for photography but also tap into her love and appreciation for yoga from a completely different angle.

Her photography work focuses on everyday people, practicing yoga and highlights the importance of proper representation of people from all backgrounds. She’s been practicing yoga, mainly Bikram Hot Yoga, for over 18 years and three years ago received her yoga teacher certification in Vinyasa Yoga.

Being a yoga practitioner and a certified yoga teacher herself, she helps with alignment and postures during the shoots and allows each person to see themselves in a different way. People often say, “I can’t believe this is me!” after they see themselves in her photos. She’s best known for her street and outdoor photography and loves outdoor shoots because they give her the opportunity to play with natural light and get creative on the spot with whatever catches her eye.

As a photographer, she focuses on real people, because that’s where her inspiration is, seeing beauty in the seemingly ordinary.

In addition to yoga photography, she is very focused on holistic health and wellness, veganism, animal rescue and travel. Her form of self care is practicing yoga, spending time in nature and being around animals. She says it makes her feel grounded and gives her great joy and peace.

Wanda Bogacka-Plucinski

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