Ram Dass

How God, the Guru, and the Self Are One

An Excerpt from You Are the Universe

Ram Dass on Unconditional Love, Surrender, and Transformation

In his posthumous memoir, Being Ram Dass, the beloved cultural and spiritual ico…

How Do We Learn to Fulfill Our Roles Without Being Trapped by Them?

How to trust your own intuitive heart as to what you listen to and where you go.…

Seeing Yourself in Another

Your ability to see the soul and subtlety inside of another person is in part de…

The Art of Escaping Reactivity

How do you cultivate the quietness of your being?

What Is the Power of the Breath?

Every time your mind wanders, use your breath to bring your focus back.

Methods for Strengthening Our Faith

At certain stages of the journey your faith is strong, but then sometimes it qui…

Exploring the Mechanics of Thought

It is a much better strategy to focus on the mechanics of thought, rather than t…

Exploring the Power of Intuition

Within the quietness of mind you hear a kind of deeper process, a deeper wisdom.…

Finding Clarity in Meditation: Acknowledging Our Defense Mechanisms

To really let something go, you have to acknowledge it.

Different Ways to Work With the Universe

Here's a great opportunity in terms of practice to explore the different levels …

How to Cultivate Mindfulness by Listening to Your Thoughts

Try this exercise to develop mindfulness by meditating on one’s thoughts.

Ram Dass Explores the Essence of Mindfulness

There’s no philosophy about this, it’s a simple quieting of the mind.