Kiara Norwood, M.A.

Kiara Norwood M.A., is a healer specializing in helping women of color holistically heal trauma and live fulfilling lives through ancestral remedies and alternative wellness therapies. She is an alternative wellness therapist offering coaching, reiki therapy, holistic herbalism, and tarot/oracle card readings. Her passion to help women heal comes from her upbringing and past experiences. After experiencing severe abuse and lack in her childhood and early young adult life, Kiara fought through her hardships to become holistically healthy and create the life she knows she deserves. By the age of 24, she’d graduated with her Bachelors and Masters degrees and launched her first successful business. She is now running her second business and living a life of success, joy, love, and abundance. Her mission is to help other women of color do the same.

Kiara Norwood, M.A.

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