Kate Simpson and Ellen Cady

Kate Simpson & Ellen Cady are the co-authors of “Take Two: A Journal of New Beginnings,” a guided journal filled with exercises to build inner resilience.

Kate works as a consultant in the sustainable investing field. She has a master's degree from Stanford University and an undergraduate degree from Boston College. Always striving to remember the practices found in Take Two, she tries to meditate and spend time in nature every day, while helping her three kids navigate their very full lives.

Ellen manages the social media strategy for a nonprofit and is a trained yoga teacher, a freelance writer, and a mom to two daughters. She’s lived and worked in Telluride, CO, San Francisco, Seattle, and Manhattan, before settling back into the comforts of her native Maine. As a writer and mother, she is inspired daily by the sights and sounds of Maine’s natural beauty, taking her children on as many adventures as she can muster.

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