Amy White

Amy White is an international best-selling author, highly sought-after speaker, and intuitive medium on a mission to help individuals heal the past, discover personal truths, and thrive. Amy's one-on-one coaching, digital courses, and public talks allow audiences to gain a deeper understanding of the beliefs that are blocking their most authentic lives. Her insights and techniques help usher in big, bold changes and more subtle "ah-ha" moments that lead us closer towards our dreams.

Unlike other mediums, Amy connects with universal energy called The Greater Consciousness, and channels the information that is pertinent to creating awareness and healing. A modern day navigation system to Spirit, Amy opens the lines of communication directly to this infinite wisdom, and those who experience it (be it an audience member or a one-on-one client) can both receive the messages that are there for them and ask any questions they may have.

Through a mediumship connection, Amy provides an open line of communication between "the sitter" (her clients/audience member) and the non-physical energies of loved ones passed. These connections result in healing, clarity, a deeper understanding of the relationships that exist in the physical and how the connection to the loved ones can continue in non-physical form. Very often Amy's readings may include both channeled information from The Greater Consciousness and mediumship connections.

A once reluctant medium, Amy now embraces her innate intuitive gifts and has made it her intent to show up in the world as a truth-teller by bringing forward powerful messages for personal transformation. Amy's spiritual work started several years ago after she stepped forward as a Caregiver Champion in support of her son amidst a mental health crisis. This was not just a journey to help her son through his crisis. It was a life-changing event which required a deep level of soul excavation, awareness, and willingness to face her shadow and have faith that there was something brighter on the other side within the chaos and pain.

In 2016, Amy's book Closer to Paradise: A Mother's Journey through Crisis and Healing was published by Motivational Press. In this book, Amy takes the reader along on the wild roller coaster ride of heartache and invaluable life lessons. Amy hopes this story of fighting stigma, navigating the mental health services maze, and focusing on her own emotional healing will provide a beacon of hope and light for those working to support a loved one or themselves on the path to wellness.

Besides being an intuitive coach and medium, Amy has spent more than 20 years working with both Fortune 100 companies and small to medium-sized businesses. In 2014, Amy co-authored the international best seller, Bold is Beautiful: Breakthrough to Business Strategies sharing her story of leaving her career to pursue her dream of coaching and advocating for parents, caregivers, and those transitioning through life’s challenges and crises.

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