Amelia Jones

Amelia Jones (they/them/their) is a Soul Escort, carefully guiding people back to their power. They are descended from chemists, healers, artists, farmers, and people who have had intuitive relationships with land and nature. Their practice is informed by critical thought, empirical evidence, experience, divine intuition, magick, and their lifelong ability to discern vibrational patterns of people, animals, plants, sound, and music.

Amelia holds a B.M. in music performance and was formerly a gifted opera singer. They were trained and worked as a birth and postpartum doula before devoting a decade to understanding how trauma materializes in the body, what obstructs creativity, and how to tangibly transform that information for embodied, empowered self-expression. They currently reside on occupied Chumash territory (also known as San Luis Obispo, California) and will be launching a transcendent album inspired by mystic Hildegard von Bingen later this year. You can find them at

Healing the Instrument of Your Voice

Voice healing requires a deep dive into who we are, but the results are extraord…