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Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology

    Atlantic University’s most popular and long-standing degree program. Study the branch of psychology that explores the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience.

    Master of Arts in Mindful Leadership

      Designed to entwine leadership theory and application with personal and professional growth and the empowering and transformational practice of mindfulness and holistic approach to social science. Great leadership is desperately needed now more than ever before. Will you rise to the call?

      Integrated Imagery: Regression and Hypnosis

        Through training in regression and hypnosis, the primary objective of Integrated Imagery is to uncover and process the origins of the negative and positive dynamics which affect our daily lives, whether considered as karmic patterns or psychological complexes.


        Spiritual Guidance Mentor Training

          Engaging body, mind, and spirit, this holistic coaching program will teach you how to provide support, encouragement, and direction to spiritual seekers. Track options in professional development and entrepreneurship allow students to obtain the necessary skills and experience to serve others.


            This program allows students to take individual courses at Atlantic University* without enrolling in a full program. Courses at Atlantic University are structured to allow the student to learn all they can from the material presented.


            4 Semesters a year, 12 weeks per semester.

            Winter: January 4 – March 28

            Spring: April 5 – June 27

            Summer: July 5 – September 26

            Fall: September 27 – December 19


            Rolling Applications accepted year-round!

            Contact an Admissions counselor today for details to apply, and to discover the program that’s right for you! [email protected]

            program overview

            Have you always wanted to make a positive impact in the world? A degree from Atlantic University can help you to do just that! Balance academic pursuits with intentional processes for deep, personal growth. The outcome is wisdom that can be applied in a myriad of environments.

            With 2 fully accredited online Master of Arts programs and 5+ non-credit certificate programs, Atlantic University offers a like-minded community for everyone.

            It’s never too late to transform your life. One graduate switched careers from real estate to launching their own wellness center. Others have become successful hypnotherapists, authors, professors, and even CEOs. With a degree from Atlantic University, the possibilities are endless.

            Contact an Admissions counselor today to discover the program that’s right for you! [email protected]

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