A Letter-Writing Burn Ritual for Healing

A Letter-Writing Burn Ritual for Healing

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With this ritual, become an observer to your emotions surrounding loss, and release them into the universe.

Losing loved ones has been one of the most dramatic challenges people have faced throughout the pandemic. Whether you’re dealing with physical, emotional, or spiritual loss, energy healing rituals can help you release fear and ease grief so you can shift to a positive vibration.

Remember to be gentle with yourself and know that healing is done in layers. Don’t be afraid or feel guilty about crying—tears are a wonderful form of release. Continue with as each layer receives love and healing. Just as with any other release, that space left behind after a loss has the capacity to be refilled with love and light.

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Letter-Writing Burn Ritual

Taking that first step toward healing from loss can be as simple as writing a letter. Use this powerful healing ritual to allow yourself to release the grief and create space for love. This one is very helpful for all types of loss, whether professional, a friendship, loss of a loved one, or words left unsaid.

If you prefer to work with the earth element vs. fire, or live in a place where it’s not safe to use fire, you may also choose to bury your letter, connecting your words to our dear Mother Earth for healing and cleansing away the attachment to your emotions of loss.

Tools you can use:

  • Pen and paper (blue ink activates the throat chakra, allowing you to express your truth, but you can use your choice of color)
  • Intention candle
  • Lighter or matches
  • A fire-safe pot (saucepans work great)

Step 1: Create your sacred space of intention and light your candle.

Step 2: Write down all your unspoken words, feelings, emotions, and/or thoughts you want to share. If this is over the loss of a job, your home, or a relationship, you can also express your gratitude for the time spent there and the lessons learned. Read them back to yourself.

Step 3: Light the paper and drop into your pot to burn safely as you envision your words being carried out to the universe, with trust that your message is released to be received.

Step 4: Take a moment for gratitude that your message will be received. Blow out your candle. *You may flush or bury the ashes once the paper is burned through and complete.

The action of physically writing out your emotions is really helpful in giving you new perspective. It allows you to take all that you’ve been holding inside and become an observer to the emotions rather than just feeling them, giving you clarity and peace.

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