15 Mantras for Healing

15 Mantras for Healing


Here are 15 affirmations for powerful healing support.

Whether you are dealing with a chronic condition, healing from COVID-19, or want to boost your immunity in general, try one of these 15 mantras to support your health.

1. My body is healthy and strong.

2. All of my systems are working in harmony.

3. I have compassion for my beautiful, whole body.

4. My body is protected in a radiant light.

5. I am connected to the divine healing source.

6. I listen to my body deeply and intuitively.

7. I have faith in my body’s healing abilities.

8. Abundant good health surrounds me.

9. Boundless, healing power radiates through me.

10. On a cellular level, all is aligned and well.

11. Today, I choose wellness.

12. My body is letting go of anything it doesn’t need.

13. In my physical being, peace and order reigns.

14. I move toward healing, improving by the day.

15. Each breath in restores strength and clarity to my being.

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