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Drink Less, Meditate More

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Even casual drinkers are giving up booze for a month, a year, or forever in a movement that combines mental and physical wellness. Melissa Howsam talks to two mothers of the movement.

“I believe our ability as humans to be conscious and aware of ourselves resides in the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that separates us from the animal kingdom. This is also the part of the brain that houses our higher self,” says Annie Grace. “You could argue that the prefrontal cortex is where our relationship with the creator is best realized and felt. And alcohol damages our prefrontal cortex.” When she was in her 30s and responsible for C-level global marketing in 28 countries, Grace was imbibing almost two bottles of wine a night. She set out to regain control. “I shared a PDF of my writing and research in 2014, and it went viral,” she says. “People started writing me letters from all over the world, and I decided to self-publish my findings into the book This Naked Mind.” Grace’s viral text fueled Ruby Warrington’s own choice to put down the bottle. “Somebody gave me the book in fall 2016,” Warrington says. She recounts the onset of her journey: “I needed a way to describe my experience of reevaluating my relationship to alcohol,” she adds, “which had meant questioning—or getting curi …

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Melissa Howsam

Melissa Howsam is a regular contributor and editor for magazines across the country on topics spanning self-care to skincare,...

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