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The Very Little Book of Children's Sayings

How Children Describe the World Around Them With Witticism

This concise collection of children's sayings reflects the innocent sweetness and funny insights of Preschool age kids as they correspond with their teachers and parents. The Christian viewpoint of the author is revealed by several references to Jesus and Savior throughout the stories. 

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Sin & Redemption

The Pink Elephant Collection

From street thug to international heroin smuggler, to murder, to prison, to vengeance, to redemption and a life story about coming of age.

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The New Testament

Modern Evangelical Version

At a time where there are already many modern English Bible translations, potential readers may wonder, Why another translation? In response, it needs to be stated that while no bible translation is perfect, the Modern Evangelical Version is unique in certain respects. Specifically, it is intended to provide a bold witness to the good news (gospel) about Jesus Christ in colloquial English.

A photo of an angel

Angels and Iconic Photography

Photographer Jennifer J Martin

Images of angels have brought comfort and joy to people all over the world for centuries. My mission is to seek out these iconic images and present them to you directly from my heart. I hope my work resonates with you and brings you happiness.

Book jacket Dark Heart

Dark Heart

Ailish is very suspicious of him, but somehow they get close. Raymond is an old flame of Ailish's. She does not recognize him, but she feels like she knows him. Then there is Oisin, wholesaled Ailish has a longing for. A huge event brings them all together. Enjoy figuring it all out.

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The Sharing Journal

A Guide to Better Communication

Filled with questions about yourself, your partner and your relationship as a whole in a fun engaging and thought provoking way. After each filling out your own copy, you swap to read each other’s answers! This inevitably leads to meaningful dialogue promoting stronger emotional intimacy.

Barbara Vriendin

Your Personal Soul Script

Psychic & Trance Medium Readings

A Trance reading is very special. It's a reading all about you, the journey of your soul's mission, why you are here, and much more. Barbara will help you remember who you really are.

[email protected]

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Star Child

Jennifer Martin

"Star Child is a beautifully crafted tribute to a young son's life and death, which lands on the heart gently, like a feather from an angels' wing."

Marie Housden, author, Hannah's Gift: Lessons from a Life Fully Lived

The Metaphysician Within

A Reference for Healing

Awaken the MetaPhysician Within and Heal Yourself

Medical Intuitive Lisa A. Blackman reveals her insights on spiritual healing and the root causes and cures of illnesses, symptoms and conditions that can come with our awakening, integration and unification of mind, body and spirit.

For the past 25 years Lisa has maintained a metaphysical healing and spiritual wellness practice offering her Readings by phone, email and in person. 

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Safe Haven of Jesus

A Testimony of Faith and Prayer

Safe Haven of Jesus is an inspirational guide, motivational retreat book, and supplement manual to the Bible. Trust in God's Providence, Word, and merciful grace in seeking eternal life, relationship, and His salvific plan. Love of God bears synapses, faith, prayer, hope and Churchgoing. Consciousness with Jesus is a journey.  

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