A New Life Awaits

A New Life Awaits


Greet uncertainty as a familiar friend that brings you surprising opportunities.

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An excerpt from Grow a New Body, by Alberto Villoldo, PhD

The limbic brain perceives duality and separation rather than unity. It breaks reality into bite-size pieces in order to understand it, but in doing so, it misses the whole. By contrast, the higher brain senses that the visible world of matter and physical phenomena and the invisible world of Spirit and energy are not separate. It perceives the whole and not only the parts. It is only our practical, everyday perception that draws a distinction between the two. In the visible world, I perceive that my body is separate from the body of the person sitting in the chair next to me. But in the invisible world, everything is interwoven, indivisible.

The invisible world is unified, nonlocal, and beyond space-time. Though omnipresent, it is invisible to ordinary perception: we know it only through its manifestations. We can directly apprehend the invisible realm only when our perception shifts, and the barrier between the two worlds momentarily drops away. This will happen naturally and by itself as you upgrade your brain. The perception of unity and Oneness is inevitable.

Until you glimpse non-ordinary, invisible reality, your brain will remain biased toward doubting “what’s out there.” When you experience Oneness, the sense of separation dissolves, as you perceive yourself to be an inextricable part of the larger whole.

In the ordinary, visible world, our possibilities are limited by the information our senses can grasp. Our minds are trained to match up what we encounter today with what we’ve experienced in the past. But in the non-ordinary world, you can discover the origin of all things, and access a power unlimited in its potential for giving birth to the new. Seeming impossibilities become possible.

Then you can dream health and wellness into being, envision freedom from scarcity and fear, and picture harmonious interactions with other people, other creatures, and the planet. You discover that death is not something to be feared and avoided at any cost, but merely a doorway to another realm.

It was the wisdom of the invisible world that fueled the courage of ancient people to sail toward a distant horizon and settle Australia and the Pacific Islands 50,000 years ago—and to set out on foot toward the unknown and cross the Bering Strait into North America. When you draw on the wisdom of the non-ordinary realm, you can conceive of a world of endless possibility and help shape a future that hasn’t gotten around to revealing itself.

The big ideas, the ones that are in synch with who we can be as opposed to who we think we ought to be, come from the non-ordinary realm. They may sound batty to people who are identified with the ordinary world and its limitations, but the energy of these ideas is too powerful, too compelling to ignore.

If you have the courage, the Grow a New Body program can pull you into an entirely different life, one with new health, new wisdom, new activities, new relationships, new opportunities. You’ll begin to feel more at home in your own skin. Changes you make will stick instead of just being dreams that never become reality, and you will greet uncertainty as a familiar friend that brings you surprising opportunities.

Pick up my latest book, Grow a New Body, and learn how to step into your new life.

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