Psychic Protection

Psychic Protection


Contain your energy and utilize psychic protection by setting your chakras and auric boundaries.

Q. Sometimes I feel invaded or psychically attacked by others. It’s intrusive, uncomfortable and sometimes frightens me. What can I do for psychic protection?

Psychic protection often involves shields or mirrors that deflect energy back to the perpetrator. Other methods use white light or other color frequencies to purify and protect. Still others rely on guides or angels to intervene and protect against psychic attack.

Truth be told, I use none of these approaches.

I invite you to consider a powerful premise about energy and our Earth. Based on this understanding, I’ll offer you a simple, powerful practice that can eliminate feeling invaded and attacked.

The Enemy & You

Are you aware of the dualistic nature of our planet? Google’s definition: 'an instance of opposition or contrast between two concepts or two aspects of something’, followed by this example: "the photographs capitalize on the dualities of light and dark, stillness and movement”

Light and dark, stillness and movement. These are examples of contrast, yes?

What’s an example of oppositional duality? Victim and perpetrator come to mind.

Here’s the thing: if you feel a need for psychic protection, you also need an enemy to oppose you and victimize you.

Of course, you have no interest in seeking out perpetrators so that you can be a victim. I know that, and so do you. Yet, if you’re establishing psychic protection mechanisms, you’re inadvertently inviting psychic attack. That’s the nature of duality.

From Protection to Containment

For a psychic attack or invasion to occur, you’ve got an energetic door open or a drawbridge down that enables the infiltration. Close the door, raise the drawbridge and the attack can’t happen.

Interestingly, people with effective energy boundaries do not need psychic protection. It’s not that their lives are perfect or without challenge, they simply avoid the psychic attack and protection round robin.

When your energy is contained, there is no need for protection. Your energy is individuated and unavailable for psychic attack. Just like that, you’re out of the dualistic pattern of perpetrator and victim.

Your Chakras and Aura — An Energetic Formula for Containment

Energy containment includes setting chakras appropriately. The key chakras that invite autonomy and individuation are your 2nd and 5th chakras.

The second chakra, located two fingers below your navel, is the seat of emotions. When excessively open, rage/anger, hatred, hostility are typical emotions that victims experience when psychically attacked. These emotions incite fear, anxiety, terror and vulnerability — generating the need for psychic protection.

The fifth chakra is located at the notch of the neck. It is the seat of authentic self-expression and is a center of incredible power and authority. When too closed, a sense of helplessness and weakness can ensue.

How do you set a chakra?

Have you ever used a vegetable steamer? If so, you’ve opened the steamer to cook your vegetables and closed it to return it to your cupboard.

That’s a metaphor for adjusting the settings of your chakras. Here’s how it works:

  • Bring your awareness to your 2nd chakra and set the petals (the chakra opening) to 25% (you’ll be closing the chakras petals…attacks happen when the 2nd chakra is too open)
  • Bring your awareness to your 5th chakra and set the petals to 50 or even 60% (you’ll be opening the chakra petals…attacks happen when the 5th chakra is too closed)

Now, let’s discuss the aura. The aura is the energetic field that surrounds your body. The aura fuels your chakras so you can live your life. Your aura has seven distinct layers that deliver energy to each of the 7 chakras. Each auric layer needs a boundary, similar to fine mesh or cheesecloth, to contain the layer and earmark the energy as yours.

Without boundaries, your energy merges with everyone with whom you interact… whether psychic attack or friendly chat, and with or without your awareness.

Want to know where your aura starts and stops? Place one arm directly out in front of you and one behind you. Where your fingertips end, so does your aura. Extend your arms straight out from your sides, your aura ends at the tips of your fingertips. Raise your arms straight above your head, you guessed it, your aura extends to your fingertips. Your aura also extends about two feet into the Earth.

To create auric boundaries:

  • Imagine and invite boundaries of fine mesh or cheesecloth to surround and contain each one of your 7 layers. Take a breath, notice your energetic containment.

Forget psychic protection! Who needs an enemy? Contain your energy by setting your chakras and auric boundaries to live in autonomy and individuated awareness.

Click here and here to download PDF files of these skills.

Interested in learning more about protective practices? Read here on how to strengthen porous boundaries.

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