From Holidaze to Holydays: A 7-minute Reset

From Holidaze to Holydays: A 7-minute Reset


An audio meditation to help reset from your worst self to your best self.

The holidays are a special time. A time for connecting with family and friends. A time for expressing compassion, kindness, generosity and love. Ok, who am I kidding? In a perfect world we would all feel the spaciousness we need in order to access the kindness, compassion, generosity and love that we all need so badly, long to feel and work so hard to create. But the truth is, the holidays can be stressful. We race around at an even faster pace, trying to fit more and more into our already busy schedules. Many people experience feelings of loss, isolation, sadness, anxiety and depression. Sometimes the conditions of the holidays exacerbate and amplify what we consider our “worst” emotions and our “worst” selves. When it comes to self awareness and self control—family and family time can be the ultimate proving ground.

Here is a gentle meditation to help reset from “worst self” to best self in just 7 minutes. Feel free to use this meditation as many times a day as you see fit. And with it, increase your chances of enjoying the holidays — any time of year.

Consider reading How to Use Guided Meditations for more insight on your guided meditation practice.

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