Week 3: Spreading Love throughout Your Body, Soul, and Spirit

Week 3: Spreading Love throughout Your Body, Soul, and Spirit


Nurture your soul, your spirit, and your body so that you can connect to your authentic self.

This is a 6-week series on intuition from Tammy Adams. Click here for Week 1: What Type of Intuition Do You Have? and Week 2: Get Rid of Blockages to Your Intuition.

This week in order to connect to your intuition we are going to be doing a huge amount of nurturing. Nurturing your soul, your spirit, and your body so that you can connect with the Trinity within yourself. Do you feel as though you are connected? What does it mean to be connected with your soul, spirit, and body? To me, being connected with all three helps all of us to feel complete and no longer feeling disconnected, fuzzy, confused, or unaware. When you are connected to all three, you have clarity. You feel knowledgeable and knowing, but most importantly your intuition is on point without failure, without wavering. It is spot on.


Today, I want you to focus on connecting with your soul. Your soul was created long ago or maybe your soul is new. Whatever the case may be, connect with your soul and higher level. Talk to your soul and ask to be in balance and have a connection with your soul. Meditate and focus on peace. How do you start feeling as though you have a connection with your soul? Repeat the steps and do it again until you know this has been completed. Then we will focus on the spirit.


Now, the spirit is something that most people have complications with because our spirit is dealing with the karma, the stress from our past, and our worries. Our spirit carries energy that should always be at a higher vibration. But honestly, I quite often find most people’s vibration to be very low. So, let us work on meditating on healing any type of blockages, any type of worries, any type of stresses we may have that are holding our spirit back from being free. Let your spirit be flowing and at a high level and covered with purple light so that you may connect with your intuition mixed with a tiny color of pink so that you can also have nurturing.


Now we are going to work on the body. The body is the human part of ourselves. This is the part that we let ourselves disconnect from quite often because we ignore what our body needs. We ignore what we need. Let us focus on seeing what our body needs today, but also focus on what’s missing so that we can replace it. Learn how to tend to your body properly by nurturing it, loving it, and being appreciative for the body that you were given. We are so judgmental towards ourselves and it is important that we love ourselves inside and out so that we can be in balance and complete with our soul, spirit, and body.

Focus on connecting with your body and being able to meditate to where you can feel your heartbeat slow down enough so you can actually hear your breath. Relax and let your mind be silent. Most of us cannot be silent in our minds because we have so many things on our to-do list, but we procrastinate doing the things we should. This is because most of us have become accustomed to having quick satisfaction and not working hard at what we truly want. So, focus on really connecting with being quiet, being relaxed, so that you can have peace and be in balance once again. Repeat this exercise over and over until you feel it is complete.

Next up: Reconnecting to Your Intuitive Ability.

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