​Week 4: Reconnecting to Your Intuitive Ability

​Week 4: Reconnecting to Your Intuitive Ability

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Clear away what is keeping you from your intuition.

How does one allow oneself to connect with one's intuition? This is the question.

This week we are going to be working on that. I am going to be giving you the tools and the information of how you can make this happen. Each and every person on this planet has somewhat of an intuition.

Not an intuition that can read for others, which is what I can do. I give messages to others. The intuition I speak of for everyone is an intuition that is to benefit each individual person on this planet and this information comes from your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides.

So many of us have blocked this channel and closed the door because of fear and not understanding where this information is coming from. Those who do not know what it is usually shy away from receiving and connecting with their own ability. Many do not connect with it until later in life once they realize the true gift of what it is.

Release the Blockages

In order to open this, you must first believe that you are capable of communicating with your Guardian Angels and connecting with the intuition that is inside of you. You must be in balance with your chakras and energy levels within your body. You cannot have a disconnection from your chakras. When you are disconnected from your chakras, you cannot have a clear channel. Being connected to your intuition and using your gift is such a blessing so let’s begin to use your ability and your gift. Focus on meditating and get rid of the blockages that are causing interference inside of you. Then start focusing on having true confidence and believe in bringing forward the ability that is inside of you.


Talk to your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. Ask them for the information that you desire. As you ask them for the information that you desire, you will begin to notice that the information will come to you whether it’s through a stranger, a dream, or from inside of you. Sometimes it’s a voice that you hear inside of your mind that sounds very similar to your own. This is how it all begins.

Test information by asking very small simple questions so this way you can learn to begin to trust the information that is coming to you.

Do not worry about trying to be perfect. Getting the information right all the time is very difficult and takes years and years of practice. Focus on just being satisfied for when you are correct and when the information is spot on. Celebrate and thank your Guardian Angels and thank your Spirit Guides for the information that is coming through. That way, you have a beautiful relationship with your guides.

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