Week 2: Get Rid of Blockages to Your Intuition

Week 2: Get Rid of Blockages to Your Intuition


This week, let us transform our energy from a low vibration to a high vibration.

This is a 6-week series on intuition from Tammy Adams. Click here for Week 1: What Type of Intuition Do You Have?

Now you have discovered which intuition you have, whether you are a dream interpreter, clairvoyant or medium. It’s time to focus on nurturing this intuition and bringing it forward and opening it up. What are the things that you feel are blocked? What doors do you feel have been closed inside of you? Who has stopped you from opening up your true being, your true-self?

Many of us have been shut down by so many people’s judgment. Judgment causes problems in our lives daily. But today, we are going to be getting rid of the blockages so that we can become who we are meant to be by using our intuition and nurturing ourselves so that we can be whole again and fulfill our purpose.


Being connected to your intuition is very important, because you are able to have the knowing of where you are and what doors you should be opening. You will know which doors not to open too, which can help the process of true fulfillment. Not staggering and stopping our lives from moving forward or even going in circles and feeling as though we are in a rat race.


What steps have you taken throughout your life so that you can become unblocked? Have you tried meditation? Meditation is a huge help to unblock ourselves. Becoming unblocked, you begin to feel free. Suddenly, you begin to feel happy, light and a feeling of excitement and joy for life.

This week, let us transform our energy from a low vibration to a high vibration. Let us work on believing in who we are and nurturing ourselves. Letting go of the pain of stress and the burdens that you have been carrying for so many years. Believing in yourself and the gifts that are inside of you, knowing that you are special, and that the gifts that were given to you are for a reason. They are to be used, not ignored.

Meditate once a day focusing on spreading light throughout your body, opening your mind’s eye and connecting to the energy within you.

Next up: Spreading Love throughout Your Body, Soul, and Spirit.

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