8 Ways To Decipher Between Your Altered Ego State And Your Soul

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The altered ego is not to be shunned or rejected. It is to be understood, loved and brought into a higher frequency alignment with the soul.

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Most of us switch between our altered ego state and the soul. And sometimes it’s hard to know the difference because as we strive to be more love-based, the altered ego seems to mimic the soul and therein lies the confusion.

  1. The most obvious and well-known difference is that all your fear-based thoughts, emotions and actions are from the altered ego state. The soul is all that is empowered and loving.
  2. The soul is spontaneous in its love. The altered ego thinks and ponders and goes into convolutions about the giving or receiving of love. Have you spontaneously hugged someone or bought someone a gift on the spur of the moment? That’s the soul. The altered ego goes into “I might disturb that person in their work, they might not respond or I don’t do mushy stuff.” You might put in a lot of thought into getting exactly the right gift for someone you value and that’s love-based too. What’s referred to here is the inner objections to the expression of love.
  3. The altered ego is not aware of the bigger picture. The soul sees the bigger picture and allows it to bring healing. For the altered ego, there is only one way to view a situation or a person and that is to judge them as bad or wrong or horrible. The soul never judges and has the ability to move into a love-based perspective about the situation or the person.
  4. The altered ego does sympathy, the soul has compassion. The altered ego goes, “Oh you poor thing! That horrible man, woman, event!” The soul has compassion and understanding. It knows that all happens for the expansion of that person’s being. It says, “I understand and I am there for you.” The altered ego enables a person to remain a victim, the soul empowers a person to be their magnificence.
  5. The altered ego reacts, the soul creates. “How dare he/she? Why did this have to happen? I’m feeling worried, upset, angry, humiliated!” as opposed to “Interesting! What can I do to bring more harmony, peace and resolution to this situation?”
  6. The altered ego takes everything very personally. “Why is my co-worker/boss so aloof today?” and there is a feverish search in the memory bank for anything you might have said or done to spark off this aloofness. Another common one is – that person hasn’t returned my call because I’m not valuable enough. Whereas the other person(s) could just be caught up in their own busy lives or crisis or with feeling low. The soul is unselfconscious, confident, plays the game of life with a light, yet powerful touch. It knows that all is always well, no matter what is playing out. It will allow the other person their aloofness, inattentiveness and the time to resolve it.
  7. The soul is allowing and accepting. The altered ego is judgmental and full of dos, donts, shoulds and should nots. The altered ego has these alarm bells going off every time you or any other loved one does something out of the ordinary or against the societal grain. The soul loves to play, try out new things, think new expansive thoughts, launch into new adventures.
  8. The altered ego is ruled by time. The soul knows that it is eternal and will never run out of illusionary time.

The altered ego is not to be shunned or rejected. It is part of all that Source is. It is to be understood, loved and brought into a higher frequency alignment with the soul. One of the most powerful, cutting-edge ways to do this is to redesign your Matrix Thought Grid, the foundation from which the altered ego is created. Learn more about the incredible program of R-factoring here: