Adjusting Your Chakras

Adjusting Your Chakras

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A Daily Hygiene Practice as Crucial as Brushing your Teeth

Some hygiene practices have been part of your daily routine for so long that you manage them seamlessly. For example, you floss and brush your teeth without much planning, yet with intentional focus.

How about your chakras? Do you intentionally set your chakras to ensure that your energy flow is just right?

Chakras distribute energy to your emotional body (among other things). They are small, round balls of energy with petals that open and close to regulate energy flow. You can visualize the petals as vegetable steamers, managing energy flowing in and out of the chakra.

Many spiritual people are highly sensitive and empathic, frequently flooded by others’ emotions. If that sounds familiar — good news — it’s mostly a chakra regulation problem that can be addressed with a little focused energy hygiene.

So often empaths and sensitives withdraw and avoid experiences that might be overwhelming. They give up significant portions of life to manage the tendency to flood. Learning to set your 2nd chakra gives you your life back! Imagine being free of the unhealthy pull of others’ emotions. Imagine being more you, less everyone else.

To help you regulate emotional sensitivity, focus on your second chakra — its your center of emotional awareness and empathic sensing. If you get flooded, your chakra is too open — perhaps as much as 90%. Luckily, you can adjust the chakra and dial the sensitivity down.

Here are four steps for minimizing flooding and overwhelm:

  1. Bring awareness to your 2nd chakra (2 fingers below your navel)
  2. Imagine a wide open vegetable steamer vacuuming energy from others rapidly into the chakra
  3. Use an imaginary pair of hands to close the chakra (vegetable steamer) down to about 25%
  4. Repeat frequently as part of your energy hygiene practice

As with all hygiene practices, you’ll rapidly internalize the process as you regularly attune to and set your chakras.

Do you know what you might gain from setting the openings of the rest of your chakras?

Each chakra regulates distinct aspects of your energy and has its own optimal setting. Adjusting the settings on each chakra supports you in feeling grounded and secure, emotionally stable, energized to accomplish big and small tasks. Imagine feeling healthy and compassionate connection to others without flooding! Creatively express your beautiful ideas with intuitive clarity and inner alignment that is divinely sourced and inspired.

If you’d like to know how to regulate your other chakras, check out Energy Healing Institute’s free online class, The Present of Presence.

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