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Do you have trouble with nasal congestion, skin rashes, sleep or energy issues, brain fog or body aches? Have you been told your hormones are suboptimal in any way? Do you have an autoimmune illness, even a “minor” one like rosacea? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you owe it to yourself to discover if food allergies contribute to your symptoms.Finding out is a fairly simple yet profound adventure that starts like this: Eliminate all the likely suspects in one fell swoop. One clean diet for four weeks. Even if you’re someone who prefers to break big tasks into small packages, don’t. Why? Some foods that can cause an allergic reaction also increase your sensitivity to others. To identify your allergen, foods need to be eliminated together and reintroduced one at a time.The bad news is that many well-loved foods are frequently found to cause allergies—and we tend to become more sensitive as we age. The good news is that if you pay close attention, you will likely notice that you feel better—and live better—without these foods. The larger issue is that we get so used to feeling bad that we …

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