The Incredible Lightness of Packing

12 Expert Tips for a Carefree, Stress-free Journey

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I admit it. I am a reformed over-packer. A maximalist by nature, I was not born with the ascetic gene. For years, my oversized checked bag carried major culprits—too many shoes, too many full-sized toiletries, too many medicines, and the fantasy outfits I envisioned myself wearing. In my 20-odd years as a travel writer, I’ve learned to make lists by the destination and make my pre-travel planning into more of a meditation. I’ve embraced the challenge of bringing less, checking nothing, and trusting that whatever I may need, I’ll find in my port of call. —Martine BuryMake a list.There is nothing more essential than visualizing and writing down what you need, crossing out the item when it’s packed, and editing out the extras.Ask about amenities before you go.Contact your hotel, resort, or cruise line to find out whether they have shampoo, hair dryers, bath soap, and shaving tools. I’m fairly selective, so I’ll even ask about what toiletry brands they carry. If there’s a spa on-property, I can usually request little luxuries like bath salts or shaving cream. While we’re talking about hotel bath and body pr …

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