15 Affirmations for Practicing Acceptance and Tolerance

15 Affirmations for Practicing Acceptance and Tolerance


Acceptance and tolerance leads to inner and outer peace—use these acceptance affirmations to cultivate more unity in your life.

Acceptance has so many meanings. It can mean respecting someone’s religious beliefs, choices and culture. Acceptance can mean being at peace—in one’s own heart and mind—and with the world at large. Acceptance can mean tolerance with the mindset that everyone should have the right to follow their own unique spiritual path or otherwise.

Why is acceptance important?

Once you step experience beauty of acceptance—peace prevails. It’s said that love is the highest form of understanding. Once you understand and accept something or someone…only then can you truly love it or them. Realize that no one is “perfect” (including you), yet everyone is on this life journey together, all trying to make sense of this beautiful odyssey. Let’s do it together with unity and harmony at the core of our existence.

Here are some affirmations for acceptance to ignite the power of unity in your heart.

  1. I accept and love myself unconditionally.
  2. I accept others exactly for who they are.
  3. I wish everyone I encounter the best.
  4. I give blessings to my global family.
  5. We’re all in this together.
  6. I respect the beliefs of others and look for the good in everyone.
  7. I accept my life the way it is.
  8. I accept that everyone is doing the best they can with what they have.
  9. Today I will practice patience and loving kindness to everyone I encounter.
  10. I practice goodness and treat everyone with respect.
  11. I am open to other’s opinions.
  12. I celebrate the diversity of life.
  13. I see the beauty in every culture.
  14. I send blessings/prayers to my human family.
  15. I am one with everything and everyone.

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