For the Love of Tea

For the Love of Tea


Recipes for the best cup of tea, from chai to natural tea remedies, how to create your own tea ritual, and more.

Warm Your Heart with Homemade Chai
Great-tasting chai is easy and fun to make. Making it from scratch has a definite “wow” factor, with the added benefit of making your house smell like Thanksgiving baked goods. Traditional masala chai recipes around the world can vary according to taste and local custom, making this treat infinitely customizable—a great excuse to get creative in the kitchen.

Find the Right Tea to Soothe Body and Soul
Having trouble choosing which type of tea to drink? Here’s a guide on how to discern.

24 Hours of Tea
Here is your tea remedy guide. Learn which teas to take for what symptoms in this concise resource for tea lovers.

Yoga & Tea
Is drinking tea a kind of yoga, as the tea ceremony in Japan would indicate? There’s so much that goes into brewing a mindful cup of tea – explore the similarities.

Wild Tea Hunter
The “Wild Tea Hunter” scours the remotest corners of China in search of the perfect cup of tea. Take a look at his fascinating Q&A here.

Create Your Own Tea Ritual
Check out these great resources for the best teas and info on all things tea in this cool … I mean “hot” guide.

Joining the World’s Most-Shared Meditation
Has it ever occurred to you when you are drinking your precious cup of tea that it is a form of meditation? ‘Tis true! And it’s one that stands the test of time – enjoyed by nearly every culture on the planet.

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