10 of Today’s Most Enlightened Women on Letting Go

10 of Today’s Most Enlightened Women on Letting Go

Our favorite pieces on removing obstacles to love, creativity and truth


Doctors, Buddhist teachers, scientists and authors share how we can create more health, happiness, and harmony in our selves and communities in these articles from Spirituality & Health magazine. Learn why now, more than ever, it’s time to let go of shame, fear and unhealthy egos and welcome in peace, fulfillment and love.

Marianne Williamson on Letting Go of Our Barriers to Love Best-selling author and game-changer of modern spirituality Marianne Williamson speaks to us about removing the New Age label, empowering women to play a role in this planetary shift, and letting love in so that miracles may happen (and heal!) this world.

Brené Brown on Letting Go of Fear Researcher and author Brené Brown shares with us the differences between people who feel their lives are worthwhile and those who don’t, and why many of us choose unfulfillment in lieu of bravery, presence, and honest joy.

Joanna Macy on Letting Go of Repression Scholar, activist and Eco-Buddhist author Joanna Macy on not repressing our feelings, and realizing our truths are powerful, shared, and deserve to be heard in a time where uncertainty and silence are more prominent than ever.

Elizabeth Gilbert on Letting Go of Qualifications Elizabeth Gilbert talks about grounding down after the explosive success of her novel-turned-film Eat Pray Love, where her inspiration comes from these days, and how creativity is intrinsically linked with spirituality—a contract between you and the divine—and not something you become qualified to do.

Tara Brach on Letting Go of Shame Shame and a deep lack of self-love and compassion are holding us back from healing ourselves. Author and Buddhist meditation teacher Tara Brach encourages openness and honest self-awareness so that we may let connection and intimacy back in.

Anne Lamott on Letting Go of Codependency Best-selling author Anne Lamott reveals how our tendency to take care of others instead of ourselves holds us back from recognizing our humanness, our flaws, and our need to accept love. Our journeys are much in the same, yet being transparent with each aspect of us is key.

Roshi Joan Halifax on Letting Go of Hidden Narcissism Roshi Joan Halifax enlightens us to the pathological altruism many of us experience, about dying well, and the changing idea of Buddhism in our world today including the emergence of women in the Buddhist community.

Joan Borysenko on Letting Go of Self Hatred Harvard-trained scientist and best-selling author Joan Borysenko shows us the biggest soul wound of the planet today and how when studying the seasons of our lives, she found that authenticity happens more naturally in middle age.

Jalaja Bonheim on Letting Go of the Bad Ego In this podcast, Doctor and author Jalaja Bonheim discusses the Sacred Ego and explains how our personal egos are not the problem, but it’s rather the sickened collective ego that must transform for true, sustainable healing.

Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara on Letting Go of Knowing Author and lead teacher at the Village Zendo in NYC, Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara tells us how Zen Buddhism beckons authenticity into our lives, and reveals how not knowing might be our greatest truth.

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