14 Affirmations for Increasing Body Awareness

14 Affirmations for Increasing Body Awareness

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This incredible body of ours is a cloak for the spirit. Our bodies are a high form of intelligence that not only includes the fascinating brain, but also a network of consciousness—interacting, evolving, and communicating throughout.

For many, their body is a source of pain and discomfort. Ignoring our body is a sure found way to develop more pain, disease, and suffering. In fact, our body is the first signal that something is off. We all have an inner “doctor” that will tell us when we need to pay attention and change our movements and behavior. Not doing so can wreak havoc on our bodies, and eventually our mental and emotional health.

The key to having a body that thrives is to move often and pay attention. Having an intimate relationship with your body, through awareness is the first step to wellness.

Here are 14 affirmations for better body awareness. Close your eyes, say these affirmations with conviction, and feel it viscerally through your body.

  1. My body is a vessel for my spirit.
  2. I am boundless and move freely through life.
  3. My body and I are one.
  4. Breath is the force behind my every move.
  5. I move from my center.
  6. My body expresses my inner workings.
  7. I constantly move from constriction to expansion.
  8. My body is an expression of the divine.
  9. My core is my energy powerhouse.
  10. My body is strong, flexible and healthy.
  11. My body heals itself.
  12. My body is my temple.
  13. My movements are “rooted in the feet, developed in the legs, directed by the waist, and expressed through the fingertips.”
  14. I’m filled with an abundance of energy.

Do you have powerful affirmations for body awareness? If so, share below in the comments.

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