9 Affirmations for Staying Grounded During the Fall Season

9 Affirmations for Staying Grounded During the Fall Season

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A combination of Ayurvedic balancing tips plus these 9 affirmations will help you stay centered as the season changes.

With all the hustle and bustle that the fall brings, it can feel overwhelming. The beginning of the school year, taking the kids to all their activities, buckling down at work, and transitioning to colder weather with less hours of the sun can cause a bit of stress (to say the least).

Autumn, in Ayurveda, is considered Vata season. Vata is the air and space dosha and when out of balance can cause excess dryness, ungroundedness and overwhelm.

To stay balanced, a regular meditation practice is paramount. Also, implementing a Vata balancing diet, such as incorporating foods that are in season like root veggies, and using organic extra virgin, cold-pressed, unrefined oils can nourish Vata and create more harmony in your body and mind.

A combination of these helpful tips, plus the below affirmations can help anyone move through Vata season more gracefully. Using these nine affirmations daily will help you feel more centered, grounded and mindful in the eye of the storm:

  • I easily adapt to any situation.
  • I stay rooted and grounded, no matter the direction or force of the wind.
  • I am flexible and move through life with effortless ease.
  • I breathe my way into the present moment.
  • I channel my highest self under all circumstances.
  • I allow my mind and body to naturally transform and evolve with the turning of the seasons.
  • My every thought is a direct message from the divine.
  • My love for those around me is unconditional.
  • By nourishing myself, I nourish the universe.

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