Family Dynamic: Deepak Chopra reflects on how family has changed him

Photograph by Aaron Landman

We visted with Deepak Chopra a year after son Gotham’s documentary, Decoding Deepak, opened a window on the spiritual icon’s private life. How has it affected you to have grandchildren? Deepak: Over the years, I’ve gradually detached from material success to more meaning, more purpose, gradually detached from the profit-oriented activities of the Chopra Center to the nonprofit activities. And I’m beginning to detach in my mind from the idea of being here all the time. I’m 66. everybody gets old, and everybody dies. But I’m not yet detached from the grandchildren; that’s one area in my life where there is a lot of emotional intensity. In the other areas of my life there is passion, but there is also some kind of sobriety and detachment—if it doesn’t work out, I’m not attached to the outcome. But with the babies I am—I want to be there. What about you? How did having a child change you? Gotham: I think your perspective changes. All of a sudden, your point of view on the world shifts, and it does sort of wake you up. We are incredibly fortunate and privileged and are able to give that pri …

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