The Heart of Meditation

We all want small, simple things every day―a good night’s sleep, a parking spot near the door, a satisfying dinner―but what happens when we want to identify or manifest our deeper desires? Sarah McLean, author of Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation, explains how meditation can help us tune into our intuition and amplify our power of attention. On meditation and connecting with ourselves Meditation helps us to quiet the internal dialogue from our conditioned mind that takes everybody else’s ideas and calls them our own. The soul is already clear about who we are and what we want: it’s the mind that gets in the way, the intellect. As we connect with our own essence through meditation, we enliven its intelligence, and our connection to it. Prayer is talking to God or asking a question, and meditation acts like a giant Q-tip, to clean the ear and help us listen to our soul’s whispering. Always go into meditation without any expectations. To be able to be more questioning than answering is a way of going through life. On meditation and inner desires It’s OK to want things. Som …

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