22 Affirmations for Shamanic Journeying

22 Affirmations for Shamanic Journeying

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Use these 22 affirmations to develop and strengthen your shamanic journeying practice.

As we start the new year, feeling better may be a primary focus for you. There are many ways to shift into a higher vibration and alter our consciousness, such as dancing, breathwork, yoga, journaling, mindful eating, and meditation. One of the most healing practices we can engage in as we start fresh is shamanic journeying.

What is Shamanic Journeying?

Shamanic journeying—a form of visualization meditation done with the intention of obtaining knowledge from the spirit world—has a long history of ritual use among Indigenous peoples across the world, and has recently surged in popularity, becoming a new staple in spiritual communities. Many people are drawn to shamanic journeying for the potential of healing, hope, and happiness. The process can support us in developing greater self-knowledge, forgiving self and others, releasing trauma, and reconnecting with the natural world.

Throughout history, shamans have acted as the interface between the spirit world and the mundane world. Shamanic journeying allows even those of us untrained in shamanism to step into what’s commonly known as non-ordinary reality—a structured reflection of the spirit world, rendered in images and forms that a human can understand.

Why Shamanic Journeying?

When we go on a shamanic journey, we have an opportunity to heal our past, reconnect to our higher self, and free ourselves from the confines of the outer world to find peace within our inner world.

After having a devastating few years of setbacks and loss, including a chronic health condition diagnosis, family death, and intense breakups, I set out on a healing journey to discover and educate myself on a more harmonious path to mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

This led me to work directly with shamans from Indigenous cultures, and I’ve spent the past several weeks in Costa Rica working with spiritual guides and shamans, including Mitra Politi, the spiritual director for Rythmia Life Advancement Center, who is trained in indigenous Colombian healing practices.

The shamanic journey is a way of finding answers, information, healing, wisdom, and knowledge. During the journey, we can meet with spirits who may be regarded as ancestors, elders, gods, goddesses, deceased shamans, spirit guides, power animals, and angels.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Next Shamanic Journey

The shamans at Rythmia shared the benefits of setting an intention before practicing shamanic journeying. By working with focused intent and the use of affirmations, you can deepen your relationship with your true self, your spirit guides, and the Creator (source of all things) while on your journey. Affirmations can aid in your process by guiding you to tap into an expansive, healing field while you increase your awareness and build up your inner faith muscles.

Repeat these affirmations to help support your next shamanic journey:

  • I devote myself to the unknown and surrender to love and truth.

  • I sit with the process of discovery and allow it to unfold for the highest good of all involved.

  • I open myself up and allow things to be as they are.

  • I have compassion for myself and all.

  • The truth is already within me.

  • I expand my consciousness to new understanding and awareness.

  • When I surrender into the unknown, the sacred reveals itself.

  • I free myself from past pain and allow the process to purify and heal me.

  • I am ready to discover the hidden treasures within.

  • I give thanks for all that is here now.

  • This moment holds new opportunities of liberation, freshness, and innocence.

  • The path of inner peace is found within me.

  • I embrace this world full of possibilities and gifts.

  • I know how to flow with life.

  • Moments of harmony give birth to love.

  • I am guided by love and divine light.

  • The secret of surrender is a return to oneness.

  • I am light, grace, love.

  • Accepting the essence of myself is to accept the essence of life itself.

  • Knowing my true self is to know the divine in me.

  • Happiness is perceived in a deep understanding of the oneness within me.

  • I have gratitude for the light and life of creation.

These affirmations are inspired by the author’s time with Rythmia’s spiritual director, Mitra Politi, and Mitra’s book, Insights: Steps to Truth.

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22 Affirmations for Shamanic Journeying

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