Affirmations for Overcoming Pregnancy Anxiety

Affirmations for Overcoming Pregnancy Anxiety

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17 affirmations for expectant mamas and those who want to uplift them.

Some women experience pregnancy as a wonderful and exciting journey, while many might feel overcome with doubt, fear, and anxiety. For most it’s something in between.

As you are willing to let go of some unhelpful expectations, the journey can undoubtedly be transformative. Surround yourself with things that help you feel your best—knowing it’s completely normal to have days when you’re not sure what that might look like.

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As your energy is diverted to your little one growing, now is a good time to practice asking for help.

17 Affirmations for a Positive Pregnancy

  • My body is incredible, I am incredible.
  • Everything is happening at the perfect time.
  • The small steps I take today are making a positive impact.
  • Even if I feel scattered or not like myself, I am always enough.
  • I choose to eat healthy, nutritious foods that nurture my body and my growing baby.
  • Water is my favorite. I drink plenty of water.
  • I trust the signals of my body to guide me.
  • I allow my body to open and grow.
  • Resting is my time to replenish. I rest whenever I feel overwhelmed or tired.
  • My changing body is buoyant. I am beautiful.
  • As our delivery date draws nearer, I feel grateful for what I am capable of.
  • I feel grateful for this time I have bonded more deeply with myself and my baby.
  • I welcome a full night’s rest by taking steps to set myself up for success.
  • The fear I might feel is only a projection. I choose to set my focus on the positive.
  • Three things I feel excited about when I think about having a baby are …
  • When it is time for my baby to come into this world, I am fully capable and prepared.
  • I’ve got this!
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