5 Transformational Ways to Work With Scorpio Energy

5 Transformational Ways to Work With Scorpio Energy


Scorpio or not, Scorpio energy inclines us to dive deep, pursue our passions, and transform.

Welcome to the intense yet revelatory season of Scorpio!

The time between October 23 and November 21 is Scorpio season, and even it’s not your sign, you will be influenced by Scorpio characteristics. Likewise, the cooler weather and shorter days mean spending more time inside, both physically and psychologically. Scorpio energy encourages us to go within and reflect on where we’ve been and where we want to go.

The sign of Scorpio is perceptive to power dynamics and the cycles of life and death, which gives all of us candidness when dealing with related matters this fall.

Working with Scorpio Energy

The activities listed below coincide with Scorpio energy and will assist every sign in making this season rich with contemplation, honesty, and connectedness.

1. Shadow Work

Both shadow work and the investigative energy of Scorpio seek to see beyond what’s in front of us. They push us to have a deeper understanding of ourselves in relation to power and authority. Shadow work specifically explores parts of us we can’t see but that influence our life decisions.

The best way to shine a light on the shadow is to get a journal that asks insightful questions. Over time, you’ll find yourself making more informed and conscious decisions.

2. Study an Occult Topic

Exploring the occult means studying hidden knowledge, and we know Scorpios love to dig into what’s hidden.

Scorpio was formerly ruled by the planet Mars but is now ruled by Pluto, which has associations with the underworld or what’s beneath the surface. Scorpio season gifts us with curiosity and concentration in subject matters not usually discussed.

If there’s a topic you’ve always been curious about, such as tarot reading or astral projection, now is the perfect moment to learn about it. If you’re not a huge reader, check out a conspiracy theory documentary. It’s all about indulging in esoteric topics at this time.

3. Support Society’s “Unseen”

Scorpios don’t wear rose-colored glasses but rather look at the world as it is. They understand suffering exists and don’t ignore issues within society. A beautiful way to utilize this Scorpio energy is to volunteer with a group that works to assist the so-called unseen.

For example, you might volunteer with an organization that assists sex workers. Perhaps you can support the homeless by working in a soup kitchen or donating winter clothes. While anytime is a great time to volunteer, Scorpio season will give you that extra energy and dedication while supporting others.

4. Honor Loved Ones Who Have Passed

It’s said that the veil between the spirit and material world thins the closer we get to Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos. This makes it an ideal time to reminiscence on memories of people you love who have transitioned.

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We can celebrate their lives by cooking their favorite meal while listening to music they loved or watching their favorite movies. Another way is by creating an altar with photos, candles, flowers, and objects that remind you of them. Take a moment each day to light the candle on your altar and think of memories with them. After all, we can’t change the fact that they’ve passed, but we can keep their memory alive.

5. Work on Something You’d Like to Transform

The sign of Scorpio is all about transformation in the material and spiritual world, bridging the two together. At this stage of the year, it’s great to evaluate where you are in life and if you’re fulfilled.

What feels off or like it no longer fits the person you’re becoming? Are you stuck in a passionless job or relationship?

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Use this season to focus on areas of your life you’d like to shift. Scorpios aren’t afraid to face the intensity of change, but if you’re hesitant to overhaul your lifestyle completely, I suggest starting small. Find little ways you can make a change that will reap benefits later.

How Will You Use Scorpio Energy?

Each season brings a unique energy. Scorpio energy inclines us to dive deep, pursue our passions, and transform. It’s about peeking behind the curtain to understand power dynamics within our lives and society at large. With this ability, we gain the power to name areas of our life we want to change—and to follow through with it.

Take a moment to reflect on what you want to work on during this time. Stay safe, and have a transformative Scorpio season!

Savor Scorpio season with yoga and meditation practices for death and rebirth.

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