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5 Steps to Solving the Opioid Crisis

Bobcat in California Polypody and American Vetch Julia Lucey

Bobcat in California Polypody and American Vetch by Julia Lucey

By paying attention and anticipating pain (tension, need for energy, and so on), people come to “health consciousness” and are less likely to abuse prescription drugs.

I teach a course on primary prevention of prescription drug (Rx) misuse for adults. Following one class, a woman told me, “I wouldn’t even have been able to come to work today without taking my Xanax. Now I realize I needed the reminder about alternatives, exercise, talking to a counselor. I am going to get help.” She appeared grateful, as though coming out of a fog, and her story validated my belief: We are facing an unprecedented need to reduce Rx demand in order to educate adults about prevention. While drug prevention is taught throughout primary education, the adult and aging brain needs reminders. We also need to be more curious about the motives behind potential Rx use and to be more alert to triggers that can lead to misuse. Public health solutions now myopically focus on crisis intervention. For example, last year, the National Institutes of Health announced its strategy for the opioid crisis: develop a better pain pill, one not as addictive as opioids. A noble pursuit, but perhaps it’s time to rediscover our original desire and even fascination with these drugs. It’s called pharmophilia, and …

About the Author

Joel Bennett PhD is president of Organizational Wellness & Learning Systems. For 25 years, OWLS has been catalyzing healthy work cultures from the inside out with science.

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