3 Practices to Regulate Your Energy

3 Practices to Regulate Your Energy


Three primary principles that help you understand what you can do to avoid people pulling on your energy, and three practices to address them.

Q. How can I stop attracting people who pull on my energy?

The expression, ‘pulling on my energy’ is on target for this phenomenon. Not everyone experiences the pulling in the same way. Many report feeling sucked into another person’s vortex. Some are more aware of the guilt or shame experienced if they resist the pulling. Others are completely oblivious to the tug until they are embroiled in the other person’s drama. No matter how you experience this, there are simple, powerful energetic tools to evolve your energy and be less available to those who consciously or unconsciously pull on your energy.

Energy practices place you in the driver’s seat of your experience. Often people speak about the need for psychic protection from 'energy vampires’, a label I actively resist. This is a classic victim/victimizer model, repackaged in energy terms. Ever heard the phrase, ‘what you resist persists’?

We attribute Eleanor Roosevelt with saying, ‘no one can make you feel inferior without your consent’. Here’s the energetic correlation, ‘no one can pull on your energy without your consent’. The power to regulate your energy lies within you.

Below are three primary principles that help you understand what you can do to avoid people pulling on your energy, followed by three practices to address them. When internalized and applied, practices work consistently.

  1. Your aura needs energetic boundaries. When there’s minimal separation between your energy field and others, you’re easily pulled by other’s emotions and needs.
  2. Your 2nd chakra thrives when aligned with your emotions, rather than sensing in to other’s emotions.
  3. When your energy is grounded to the Earth, and you’re anchored in personal sovereignty.

Here are three practices to embody these principles:

  • Set auric boundaries. Visualize a beautiful, golden boundary around your aura, which extends outward from your body about 2.5-3 feet in all directions. You don’t have to see or feel your aura to create auric boundaries. Your intention and attention are enough. Appropriate energies can come and go, such as energy from the Cosmic field and spent energy that your body organically releases.

Other people’s energy needs to resonate to infiltrate. As your vibration evolves to reflect containment, you’ll attract people who are self-aware and contained.

  • Set your 2nd chakra (the seat of the emotions) to 25% open. The mechanics are simple. Imagine a vegetable steamer attached to the front and back of your second chakra (located in front of your spine, just below your navel). Use an imaginary pair of hands to adjust the ‘steamer’ petals of the chakra to 25% open. The back of the chakra will follow suit.

An appropriately set 2nd chakra contains emotional awareness and minimizes vacuuming. An excessively open 2nd chakra vacuums other’s energy into the field, which registers as feeling pulled on. 

  • Anchor your energy into the Earth — visualize a hip-wide, vibrant, bright green ball of energy in your 1st chakra, (base of the spine in men, between the ovaries in women). Let the ball drop, using gravity to form an energetic grounding cord that connects to the center of the Earth. Grounded. Anchored. Planted.

When you are grounded, others cannot easily ‘pull.’ Presence, resourcefulness and alignment with thoughts, emotions and choices become the operating standard.

These simple, foundational practices align your energy for self-containment (no pulling), self-awareness (your stuff is yours, my stuff is mine) and self-responsibility (vampires? I don’t believe in vampires!). Empower yourself, go forth and prosper. You’ve got the power!

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