5 Steps to Harness Spiritual Vibration for Manifesting

5 Steps to Harness Spiritual Vibration for Manifesting


The things you want all have a vibrational energy to them.

A couple of months ago, I sat down to write a list describing my ideal life and best self. I focused not on material aspects like “I want to lose weight” or “I want to meet my soul mate” but rather recorded the energetic expression, the vibrational aspects, in order to harness spiritual vibration to get what I want.

For example, I wrote “I feel vibrant, balanced, and nourished,” “I thrive in my body,” and “I’m in a loving partnership where we both feel seen, heard, acknowledged, nurtured, and deeply loved by one another.” I often tell my coaching clients to use the spiritual vibration of what they want, as it feels better to get to the core essence. This is a powerful way to manifest and it is an ancient technique that applies the universal law of vibration.

Manifesting with Vibration vs. Attraction

When it comes to manifesting, undoubtedly the most talked about spiritual principle is the law of attraction, which is always used for manifesting. It teaches that like attracts like, and you always get what you focus on. But have you ever thought about the law of vibration—often called spiritual vibration—and how it can help you manifest your dream life?

At a microscopic level, everything is energy and all things are always in constant motion, vibrating at a specific frequency. This applies to matter but also one’s personal frequency as well. It’s no secret that our vibrational frequency can inform our lived experience. You’ve probably experienced this firsthand, for instance when you feel exhausted or overwhelmed it’s harder to find motivation than when you’re feeling joy and happiness.

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Understanding vibration is a powerful way to live a richer and more rewarding life. The things you want—such as financial abundance, a successful business where you are making a difference doing what you love, or a healthy and healed body—all have a vibrational energy to them.

Our emotions have vibrations as well, and we can use them along with other tools like yoga, sound bathing, grounding in nature, working with crystals or oracle cards, and so on to help align our energy to what we truly desire.

Harness Spiritual Vibration for Manifesting

Step 1: Identify What You Want

Tapping into the law of vibration can help you figure out how you feel in a situation or scenario at any given time and help you get clear about what you want. Once you discern what feels like it has high vibration—places, people, attitudes, perspectives, and so forth—it’s easier to sense when you are in the presence of high vibes. The thing you want most likely has a higher vibration than what you are currently experiencing. Most often this is why we seek it. Aligning with why you want what you want will help you connect with it faster.

Step 2: Focus on the Vibration

In order to manifest anything, we must first match the vibration of what it is we’re looking for. You will only attract to yourself energy that matches up with your energy.

For example, for years I thought I was ready for a committed romantic relationship, but all the men I met and dated were emotionally unavailable and still hung up on their past. I used the law of spiritual vibration, held up the energic mirror, and asked myself, “Where within myself am I still emotionally unavailable?” It turned out I was scared of getting hurt again, and I still needed to forgive my past.

The universe will always bring us what we are vibrating. So, if you don’t like what you are experiencing, it is often a matter of focusing first on your own vibration and raising it to step into a more optimal experience.

Step 3: Pay Attention to Your Thoughts and Align Your Actions

Say you want to manifest more wealth, but you constantly think about how you need more money. Remember that your thoughts also have vibrational energy; the thought “I don’t have enough money” actually holds a vibration of lack and could lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We have the power to dictate the frequency of our being by directing our own thoughts.

Step 4: Understand Your Feelings

Your energy is also expressed in your emotions and the vibration of them is key in manifesting what you desire. Emotions also hold vibrational frequencies, and giving yourself permission to feel them is essential for healing and reaching your desired outcome. Note that emotions can range from very low frequency (fear, shame, etc.) to very high frequency (joy and love). But don’t judge yourself for the feelings. There are no bad ones—it’s all energy that wants to move forward. When we feel anxious or stressed, this is simply energy that wants to move through us and be released.

Understating spiritual vibration helps us recognize when we’re moving through dense, heavy emotions, so we can let them go and maintain a higher frequency.

Step 5: Take Inspired Action

When you start to understand and work with spiritual vibrations, you realize it’s all about energy. And the energy we put forth has a signature strength to it. For example, when you are manifesting from a place of joy, love, or abundance (high vibrational set points), it feels more expansive and fun. Whereas if you take action from a place of dread, worry, or fear, it will manifest more of the same and keep you stuck in a low vibrational loop.

The goal for manifesting is to focus on the guidance coming to you and take one step at a time. We learn the way on the way, so each step you take will build upon the previous ones. When you feel inspired to take action, align your energy to higher vibrational energy setpoints, such as joy and love, and this will help you create with more flow.

Overall, tapping into spiritual vibration daily will also help you be more resilient to events that brought discomfort in the past.

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Manifesting with spiritual vibration

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