What We Hold on to After Divorce

What We Hold on to After Divorce


The main reason women hold on to their wedding rings is that they just don’t know what to do with them.

There is no clear-cut “process” for overcoming divorce. Sure, there are papers to sign, logistical arrangements to make, finances to figure out. But even when all of that’s over, you may not feel that your “process” is quite complete. Elements of your life might still seem messy and unclear. And if you’re asking yourself why that is, remember that divorce is a life-altering event that requires you as a person to rebuild yourself and find your independence—things that aren’t done simply by signing papers.

At this point, you may feel exhausted, with limited time, strength, mental, and physical resources. And rightly so! If you feel the need to purge your life of baggage, look at the things you’re holding on to (mentally and physically) and ask yourself the all-important question: What are you holding on to and why?

Why Hold Onto Your Ring?

Over the course of a marriage, however long or short it was, we accumulate a lot of stuff. Some stuff you may want to keep (photos for your kids to have), while other things can be tossed out (frozen pieces of wedding cake that would be gross anyway). But what about those symbolic things, like your wedding and engagement rings? Are they worth holding on to? And if so, why?

Some women hold on to their rings for their children, or because they like them. Or maybe it originally belonged to someone special like a grandparent. But the main reason women hold on to their rings is that they just don’t know what to do with them.

What to Do With Your Ring

If you’re not holding on to your engagement or wedding ring for any particular reason, you can sell it. Selling jewelry has always been a notoriously difficult and seemingly shady process. You may not want to go into a pawn shop (it’s rare that you’d get a good deal for it there anyway) and your local jeweler may not be able to buy back your rings, especially at an attractive price. However, Worthy is an online solution built for exactly this purpose—to help you sell your rings for the highest price possible.

Why Sell Your Ring

Selling your ring isn’t just a way to get it out of your life there’s a major benefit in it for you: cash! While your diamond ring won’t sell for the same price you bought it for, it will sell for something and that money is yours to do what you will. You could pay off debt, buy yourself a vacation, start a college fund for your kids, or invest it in yourself. The ring was just a symbol, but now the money is yours to dream with.

How to Let Go

If reading this makes you think that selling your ring is a good idea, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it, pause for a moment. Think about what’s stopping you from letting go.

Like we said before, those rings are a symbol. And letting go of that symbol is another loss in a series of losses. Moving forward is a step that can only be taken when you are ready to forgive yourself, love yourself, and are willing to do the necessary work on yourself. And that work means lightening your load, decluttering, and removing whatever isn’t serving you going forward.

When you get to a place where you can recognize the heaviness of your burdens and are ready to release that weight, you are ready to sell your rings and allow them to provide you with a fresh start.

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