Raising Mentally Strong Kids

Raising Mentally Strong Kids

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Parenting is about to get easier—and a whole lot more effective!

In a time when so many children and young adults seem to be struggling, parents are looking for help in bringing up mentally healthy kids who are equipped to thrive. Finally, evidence-based help is available for overwhelmed parents who are trying their best but feel like they’re falling short.

In their new book, Raising Mentally Strong Kids, #1 New York Times bestselling author and neuropsychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen and child psychologist Dr. Charles Fay have teamed up to reveal what’s missing from most parenting books: that you need to address both the brain and the mind of your child (and yourself) in order to effectively raise good and strong humans.

In this groundbreaking book where neuroscience meets love and logic, parents are given practical tools to help children of all ages go from behavioral problems like defiance, meltdowns, and power struggles to being

  • Responsible, confident, kind, and resilient

  • Prepared to make good decisions

  • Focused and motivated

  • Equipped to develop healthy relationships, and more…

Let Dr. Amen and Dr. Fay help you learn how to be the parent you’ve always dreamed you could be—and raise great kids who are on their way to reaching their full potential, including their best possible mental health.

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