Toolbox: The Promise of Spring

Toolbox: The Promise of Spring

May the eternal hope of spring’s blossoms buoy you through to winter’s end

00 Tool Ascension Oracle Solutions

An interesting combination of guidance and assistance, The Ascension Oracle Solutions deliver a visual and verbal message along with a flower essence. ($150)

01 Tool Bloom Perfume

Like carrying a direct shot of flowers in your pocket, Bloom Perfume Roll Ons are an easy way to imagine you are wandering through a garden dripping with blooms. ($13)

02 Tool Calendar

Focus your attention on the mandalas created out of flower petals and treasures from the natural world; the honeycomb-inspired 2016 calendar will land you gracefully in the present. ($22)

03 Tool Candle

When the gardenia bushes start to bloom in my garden, I know that spring has sprung. The Flower Power Organic Soy Wax Candle reminds me that heady moment is just around the corner. ($28)

05 Tool Ecco Bella

Designed to brighten your day, the notes of lavender, rosemary, and geranium infuse lavender eau de parfum with a rich and lasting scent. ($30 for 1 oz)

06 Tool Essences

Designed to be used by both you and your furry friends, these Flower Essences let you safely bring the power of nature into your bodies. ($20 for set of 3)

07 Tool Tea

The delicate blossoms of jasmine herbal tea capture the essence of a spring evening’s fragrance, and gently deliver that taste. ($9.90 for 3.5 oz)

08 Tool Secret Medicines

Cozy up with a cup of tea and Secret Medicines from the Garden. You’ll be inspired to look at the natural world with a new set of eyes and greater appreciation for each plant you encounter. ($18.95)

09 Tool Cleanser

Find a nourishing moment using Tender as Petals to sweetly polish your face with rose, calendula, chamomile, and lavender flowers. ($20.95)

10 Tool Chocolate 0

Resist the urge to bite into the wei of chocolate flower-infused blossoms of bliss, and simply call it your daily meditation. ($32 for 30 pc box)

11 Tool Soap

A sweet delight for the senses, wildflower soap leaves your skin soft and subtly scented. ($6.50)

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