The Spiritual Meaning of Wasp Stings

The Spiritual Meaning of Wasp Stings


While wasp stings can certainly be random and unfortunate, they can also teach us about ourselves and our perspective on life. What is the spiritual meaning of a wasp sting?

Stung by a wasp? This could, of course, be a random coincidence, and a wasp sting rarely needs more medical attention than soap and water, plus a little calamine lotion. Some people are allergic to wasp sting venom, and if there is any sign of the throat swelling or difficulty breathing, it’s important to call 911 (or your country’s equivalent) right away.

In some cases, people can have what’s known as a “large local reaction” of painful swelling lasting a couple of days with other symptoms that do not include anaphylactic shock. These large local reactions are somewhat random—they don’t necessarily indicate future reactions like that and tend to go away on their own within a week.

Whatever your reaction, a wasp sting sometimes feels like it’s trying to tell you something. What is the spiritual meaning of a wasp sting?

Pay Attention

A wasp sting is sudden and intense. It requires that you pay attention. It can be painful and itchy, forcing you to attend to it, to notice that it’s there. Is there something you’ve been avoiding in your life that you really need to pay attention to? Have you been ignoring something your body has been telling you? If the wasp sting was the universe smacking you in the face, do you know what it would be “snapping you out of?" Have you been getting involved with something that could be dangerous and could get you “stung?"

If any of these questions resonate for you, slow down and look at the environment around you. If you were to stop operating on habit, assumptions, or autopilot, what would you be doing or seeing differently?

A Need for Protection

A wasp sting pierces the skin: the barrier between yourself and the world. Sometimes the stinger is lodged in the skin, having invaded and penetrated our defenses. It’s usually the skin that reacts, with a large raised welt, redness, and swelling.

Has something penetrated your defenses lately? Are you feeling less protected than you want to be? Is there somewhere you need to put up a stronger boundary to protect yourself? Have you put yourself in a situation where you are less than safe? How could you better protect your physical or emotional safety?

Power Imbalances

Take a moment to consider your associations with wasps. Have you been stung before? Do you fear them? Your personal association may give you some more information about why this insect and why now. Wasps are often seen as the villains of the garden. Do you relate to the victim or the villain? Wasps can also be annoying, especially when they buzz around us as a subtle threat. What is buzzing around in your head? Are there unprocessed thoughts or feelings that are not leaving you alone? Can you bring these out into the open so they can be seen and acknowledged, no longer in power over you?

Wasps are also matriarchs. The females are the warriors, the ones who can sting. The males die shortly after mating with the queen and do not have the ability to sting. From this perspective, you may need to take a look at your relationship with female/feminine power and abilities. Do you need to connect more with a feminine version of power and decipher what that means to you? Is there an imbalance of power within yourself or with someone close to you? Are you ignoring an inner power that you already have?

Where to Focus

Take a moment to consider where you were stung. Wherever that is, look at the function of the affected body part. Is this an area that needs more attention from you? Here are some examples:

Near the eye: Are you seeing clearly? Is there something you’ve been resisting seeing?

Face: How are you presenting yourself to the world? Do you want or need to hide for a while?

Hands and arms: How are you expressing yourself? Is there something you need to share, give away, or keep to yourself?

Legs and feet: Where are you going? Do you need to slow down or change directions?

Take some time to sit with any of these questions that resonate for you. The wasp sting may have some important information for you.

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The Spiritual Meaning of Wasp Stings

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