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10 Affirmations for Your Next Full-Moon Ritual

Every full moon is a chance to metaphorically and physically drop anything that no longer serves you. It is a night to release negativity and practice gratitude.

4 Crystals to Amplify the Energy of the Full Moon

These four crystals, plus a potent ritual, can help you tap into the powerful energy of the full moon.

A Full Moon Ritual for Release

The full moon offers a potent time to create rituals.

A Goddess of Post Traumatic Growth: Nilapataka Nitya

This goddess encourages us to courageously churn the oceans of our inner selves, to explore the painful feelings and old traumas in our psyches and let them teach us something.

A New Moon Meditation for Abundance

The new moon brings about an opportunity for abundance and expansion. New moon meditation practice allows you to tap into this lunar phase of infinite possibility.

Activate Your Moon Practice With Hand Reflexology and Aromatherapy

Each phase of the moon supports a different direction of attention and energy. Learn how to create a practice using hand reflexology and aromatherapy based on the lunar cycle.

Add Salt to Your New Moon Ritual

The combination of the lunar phase and the spiritual potency of salt amplify the power of this New Moon ritual.

Are Children Like Werewolves?

The effect of the full moon on sleep patterns.

Chilled Cherry Moon Milk & Sleep Meditation

Savor the flavors of frothy cherry moon milk while you visualize being bathed in a peaceful pink light.

Consumable Magick: A Ritual to Honor the Strawberry Moon

The beginning of summer is a time to rejoice in nature’s abundance. This ritual uses delicious strawberries to connect with love, good fortune, prosperity, sensuality, and fertility.

Creative Moon: Writing Prompts for the Moon Cycles

Try this free writing journaling practice coinciding with the moon phases.

Creative Yoga Events to Inspire Community

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Embracing New Moon Energy

A new moon can be a time to plot change, plant seeds, and bathe in darkness.

Excerpt: Learning to Walk in the Dark

Download a free excerpt from the new book by Barbara Brown Taylor

Expose Yourself: A New Year Intention, Inspired By the Moon

Setting New Year intentions by the moon.

Following the Moon, Processing Grief

This season is a good time to process the grief you’ve felt this year. Practice this intuitive moon ritual that is easy to adapt to your own needs.

Full Moon Meditation for Clearing and Letting Go

"Take a pause around the full moon (ideally within three days of it) to reflect on what you might be ready to let go of, and gently cleanse it from your mind and body with this simple meditation practice."

Full Moon Meditation for Letting Go and Letting In

An audio meditation for the full moon.

Full Moon Ritual Bath

A ritual bath for self reflection and integration of our shadow selves.

Gratitude Ritual for the New Moon

The new moon, fully inhabiting the shadow, offers a potent time for exploring gratitude for the rhythms of life.