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4 Moving Meditations to Still Your Mind

When you consider a practice of meditation, you probably envision yourself with eyes closed, sitting cross-legged and immobile. Yet many spiritual exercises use postures and moveme…

5 Favorites to Enhance Your Energy and the Space Around You

Our editors pick their favorites for enhancing your energy.

A Pilgrimage: Making Sense of a Labyrinth Walk

When a labyrinth is walked with even a small amount of direction, it becomes a powerful field for self-discovery, transformation, spiritual deepening, processing grief, relieving stress, and finding clarity.

Keeping it "More Real" in the Labyrinth of Life

I recently led a group of older elementary school students through the experience of walking a labyrinth as a symbolic pilgrimage. Beforehand, I encouraged them to become aware of …

Labyrinth 2021

Labyrinths are soul-soothing and insight-making. What is the future of the labyrinth movement and how can you do a labyrinth walk from home?

The Crowded Labyrinth: Mastering Relationships on the Labyrinthine Path

The labyrinth can be a tool for working on relationships, and walking a labyrinth with other people can be a powerful way to understand how you relate to others.

The Labyrinth as a Walking Meditation

Meditation can be frustrating, with physical discomfort and constant, intrusive thoughts. Walking a labyrinth can be a wonderful walking meditation.

The Labyrinth: A Journey Back Home

“We need to go on a journey sometimes—whether it’s walking a candlelight labyrinth in a Gothic cathedral or running the trail behind our apartment. The goal is to come home new.”

The Turns of the Labyrinth

Each turn of the labyrinth offers us the chance to look at our own lives from a new perspective. “As we walk, these turns become a rich opportunity for us to look at all the things that have happened in our lives and how we have responded to them. We can rethink whether a new or different perspective is possible.”

Walking the Labyrinth for Self-Discovery

"If you walk embracing the principle that you are walking the labyrinth to learn about yourself, rather than it, you will become aware of your tendencies. This awareness will offer you the opportunity to experiment with other options, other ways of being, to try them on to see if they are a better fit."

Walking the Labyrinth of Relationships

Labyrinths have taken their rightful place in spas, churches, hospitals, parks, schools, gardens and many a back yard over the last couple of decades. Many of us are becoming aware…

Walking the Tree Labyrinth

Create your own labyrinth, finding the trees amidst the cactuses and bushes.

Where Do Poems Come From?

Where do poems come from? I believe they happen when several insights come together to make an explosion. For several months I’d been reading a wonderful new translation of Lao Tzu…