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3 Ways to Strengthen Your Circulation

There are days when I go to sweep my house, and I’m amazed by the dust and dirt that has accumulated in the corners. If we could see inside our bodies, we might be shocked by the c…

5 Stretches for a Long Plane Ride

Contorted into a plane seat? Here are a few (discreet) stretches you can do to keep your blood flowing, calm your nervous system, and release tightening muscles on a long plane ride.

Are You Brushing Enough?

We take it for granted that we need to brush every day. But are we brushing enough? We brush our hair and our teeth, but most of us don't brush our skin. The skin is our largest bo…

Yoga for Constipation

Feeling stuck? Yoga can help with constipation. Get your digestion moving again with simple yoga flows.