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12 Misperceptions About Buddhism

Although Western interest in Buddhism has clearly grown in recent decades, with a special interest in practices such as meditation and mindfulness, some people may still dismiss it as either an ancient Asian religion involving arcane rituals or a fad of rock stars and Hollywood actors.

Ancient Future

Ryuichi Sakamoto and Christopher WillitsGhostly InternationalRyuichi Sakamoto is such a creative soul that it’s not easy to pin a label on him. His biography includes composing and…

Awakening to the Kalachakra

How easy it is to completely miss the inner wisdom of our ancient wisdom traditions.

Befriending Pain

Over the last several years, I’ve come to believe that the greatest, most powerful, most courageous thing we can do in our lives is learn to befriend our pain. This idea is a majo…

Let's Talk Tantra

What’s the first thing you think of when someone says the word “tantra?” Does it have something to do with sex? To scholars of religion, the tantras are a collection of esoteric B…

Mindful Sex Part Two: Forget Goals

When the only goal of sex is pleasure through play for the sake of itself, we can surprise ourselves with how much is actually possible.

Showing Up Matters: Stories of the Goddess

We are in a moment of change. Some of us are hopeful, others rageful, and others fearful. I’ve been thinking lately about a set of stories told by Sally Kempton in her book Awakeni…

Tantric Meditation and Orgasmic Bliss

Bliss and pleasure are enhanced by presence. Imagine making love that way.

Tantric Touch During Times of Terror

During this time of self-quarantine, stay connected with your sensual side with tantric touching.

The Dark Side of Forgiveness: The Goddess Tara

Tara is one of the most famous and widely beloved goddesses in Buddhism. She was formed from a single tear shed by the sage Avalokiteshvara when, just before he ascended to enlight…

The Father of Tantra — Pierre Bernard

At first glance, the neo-tantra movement, with its many books, videos, and workshops on “sacred sexuality,” looks like a hangover from the 1960s—echoes from the sexual revolu…

The Goddess of Escaping from Your Daily Life (If Just for a Moment)

In the Tantric tradition, the goddess of the 13th night from the new moon is called Sarvamangala. She is calm and quiet, surrounded by a crowd of 76 other deities, including the go…

The Goddess of Intoxication

Vajresvari wants us to find power in being present with our joy, imbibing in delightful experiences even to the point of intoxication.

The Heart of Tantra

When I was a young student of religions, my first Sanskrit teacher, Nandini, with her ever-mirthful air of serenity, lured her entire class headlong into the tangled jungle of that…

The Heart of Tantra

Tantra is rooted in a quest for justice as much as spirituality and sexuality.

The Power of the “And Principle”: A Lesson in Tantra

This year, I’ve been deepening my research into Tantric yoga philosophy while also taking courses on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (or CBT), which is a modern psychological practic…

The Surprisingly Simple Secrets of Tantric Sex Part 3: Listening with the Body

When it comes to sex, listening goes a lot deeper than hearing.

The Yoga of Revolution

Yoga has been banned in several countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, and within sects of Christianity in America. Some of the bans have been lifted, others have not. This sou…