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Dr. Bruce Greyson Explores What Near-Death Experiences Reveal About Life and Beyond

What will you see on the precipice of death? Dr. Bruce Greyson explores what near-death experiences reveal about the afterlife in his book “After.”

How I Finally Awakened from My Past Lives

Sometimes an unnecessary burden can be very useful

How to Learn From Your Past Lives

One tranquil morning on the beautiful island of Bali, I reclined outdoors on a spa chair at a destination resort. Perched atop a shelf of rice paddy fields, my eye caught a farmer …

Testing your Hippie Boundary: Reincarnation

I was once at a workshop about managing grief through yoga practice. I remember a girl in the back piping up and saying, “Sometimes you just need to discover that it’s pain from a …

Your Assignment: Whose Soul?

Meditate on the most difficult spiritual question of our time.