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10 Reasons to Feel Hope This Week

Feeling a little overwhelmed and down right now? Here are 10 reasons to stay positive.

14 Practices For the Fulfillment of Hope

Through years of research, Anthony Scioli has found 14 distinct aspects of hope. While it is not important to remember every aspect, trying these exercises will help boost your hop…

7 Ways to Inspire Healing and Hope After a Disaster

“We are all individual in our response to trauma, and we are all unique in our recovery process.”

Book Review: Chasing Hope

A Patient’s Deep Dive into Stem Cells, Faith, and the Future

Choose Hope and Healing in Divided Times

Become part of a collective lifting up of humanity by actively choosing hope and healing and by sending light into a divided world.

Film Review: The Departure

Each unanswered call could be one more person on the edge who desperately needs his help.

From the Editor: The Transition Is Here

S&H Editor-in-Chief Ben Nussbaum reflects on happiness and transition as the world enters into a new normal.

Growing Hope

Hope may be the most important feeling we can have. Here’s how to cultivate it.

Hope Will Find You

My Search for the Wisdom to Stop Waiting and Start Livingby Naomi LevyNaomi Levy was in the first class of women admitted to study for the rabbinate at the Jewish Theological Semin…

I Am

The Shift is About to Hit the FanBy Tom ShadyacFilm director Tom Shadyac had it all — a successful film career (Ace Ventura; Liar, Liar; Bruce Almighty), a series of California man…

Keeping Hope Alive (When Things Seem at Their Worst)

3 ways to keep hope alive in the face of a grim reality.

Loving Through Change

Non-attachment is a pretty familiar concept within the worlds of yoga and meditation. In Buddhism, the word anicca refers to the concept of impermanence, that nothing stays the sam…

The Buddhist on Death Row: Lessons on Freeing the Mind

In time with the release of his book, we spoke with bestselling author David Sheff on the transformation of Buddhist-practicing death row inmate Jarvis Jay Masters.