Dancing With the Soulful Capacities

Dancing With the Soulful Capacities

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The soul is covered by a thousand veils.
—Hazrat Inayat Khan

We wrongly believe that the “stuff” of our minds (thoughts, worry, resentment, memory) is somehow separate from others, the world, the universe. But, how self-centered can we get? Why would we think that the billions and billions of elements—atoms, quanta, molecules—that make up the rest of the universe do not apply to our own minds? The wonderful truth is, as Carl Sagan would say, “we’re made of star stuff.” The same elements that give rise to our thoughts (every single one) were created in previous generations of stars over 4.5 billion years ago.

The Fact of Awe

That star stuff speaks to us whenever we experience awe (wonder, amazement). Our quest for presence is a journey to not only remember this cosmic truth but to live by it, like a motto or credo. We are called to give up the delusion of separateness. We are called to cultivate certain soulful capacities, ones that allow us to pierce the veil that hides our soul from our personalities, our ego, our mask, our current identity. This is the real work of any spiritual path, any path toward wholeness: to experience the awe-inspiring fact that we are woven by the cosmos.

Positive Thinking

Today, September 13th, is Positive Thinking Day. What better day to pause and contemplate? Take the time to nourish the soul.

All of these, and many other, practices call forth one or more soulful capacities that help lift the veil of separation and all its attendant feelings (anxiety, fear, rumination, shame, guilt, etc.). In my Quest for Presence work, we identify four soulful capacities. My new book The Soulful Capacities provides exercises for each. As you review them, reflect on which one—right now—will help you lift the veil.

  1. Which one will help you dive into this happening life—as it is, as a connoisseur, as your dharma?

  2. Which one is calling you?

  3. How do all of them work together?

The Soulful Capacities

Acceptance often comes when we need to let go of the moment and allow things to be what they exactly are. Hence, the current Form of anything—our life, our relationship, our health—is what is often being called into Acceptance. We perceive and honor the pattern which connects.

    Presence usually emerges when events and occasions in our life become challenging, turn chaotic, or we experience failure or feel out of control. Hence, Chaos in any area of our life encourages us to be present.

    Flow becomes more important in the midst of taking action, when achieving in performance, or when doing some creative activity. Hence, the more we want to excel at Time Shaping, the more that Flow will come into our lives.

    Synchronicity arises in our search for connections, patterns, and meaning; when following our intuition; and when exploring what is possible, what may come forth. Hence, those Nurturing Conditions that are behind the coexistence of everything affords Synchronicity in our lives.

    As you move forward, step back, lean in, swirl around, or just (maybe) stop, remember this:

    “I am a work in progress” means that my soul is working,
    and playing, and dancing, and doing all kinds of things
    there is no label for, in the background.

    Material excerpted from the Quest for Presence collection of books by the author

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