Ritual for the Full Pink Moon


Ritual for the Full Pink Moon


Release winter energy and ignite spring fire with a ritual for the full Pink Moon.

Each full moon has a special traditional name (or several) from North American Indigenous and European traditions that can help us keep time and tap into the energy of each month’s full moon. April’s full moon is called the Pink Moon due to the pink moss phlox that often blooms around this time of year. The Algonquin people also call this the Breaking Ice moon, and the Dakota refer to it as the Moon When the Streams Are Again Navigable.

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It’s a time of shifting into spring, when the ice begins to truly melt. Humans are much more connected to these seasonal rhythms than we often realize, and so we may also find that there are streams within us that are, at last, becoming navigable again.

Winter is a time of hibernation for many plants and animals, including humans. We may still be getting up and going to work, but we may find that we’re a little slower, a little more tired. We may lack the energy to start new projects or really get things moving until we start to feel that spring fire kindling within us again. Here is a ritual we can use to help tap into this thawing and igniting energy of the full Pink Moon of April.

How to Perform a Ritual for the Full Pink Moon

Please gather:

  • A pitcher of water
  • a large bowl
  • A small towel or dishcloth
  • A candle with matches or a lighter
  • Your journal and a pen, if desired

Begin this ritual by finding a comfortable position and closing your eyes or softening your gaze. Imagine a circle of protection around you; this could be a circle of stones, chalk, or salt. Take a moment to acknowledge the land you are on and to thank it for holding you. If you know the names of the traditional peoples of this land, call them to mind or say them out loud.

Part I: Releasing Winter Energy

When you are ready, gently pour half the water from the pitcher over one hand so that the water falls into the bowl. Think of cleansing yourself of any leftover energy that is sitting in your body from the winter. Gently release anything that is within you that you do not want to bring into this next cycle. Then pour the rest of the water over your other hand with the same intention. When the water is gone, allow your hands to drip over the bowl of water, continuing to release the old energy until you feel that this is complete.

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Gently dry your hands on the towel. Then light your candle. As you stare gently at the flame, think about what kinds of energies you would like to invite into your body and into your life this spring season. What do you want? What would you be excited for? What are you building?

If you like, write these wishes and intentions down.

Part II: Gathering Spring Fire Energy

Cup your hands over the candle flame—not so close that you’ll burn yourself, but close enough that you can feel a little bit of warmth on your skin. Imagine you are gathering the spring fire energy into your hands:

  • Place your hands over your eyes, feeling the warmth seeping into your skin, into your mind.
  • Place your hands over your heart, inviting this warmth into your emotional body.
  • Place your hands over your belly, inviting digestive fire, passion, and creative possibility.
  • If there’s anywhere else in your body where you would like to invite this warmth, go ahead and do that now.
  • When this feels complete for you, bring your hands together in front of you, and gently bow. Thank yourself for your practice. Thank the earth, the land, the air, the water, and the fire.

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When your ritual is complete, bring the water outside and offer it to the earth. Choose somewhere that feels right to you and with the intention that the energy of this water will be recycled and harm no one.

Have a wonderful Pink Full moon!

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